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Can I add a survey or questionnaire on Linkdaily?

Written by Cameron Mackinnon
Updated over a week ago

You might want to use your Linkdaily to drive your audience to complete a survey or to capture information and data. To do this, you'll need to create the survey on another platform first.

Tip: Google Forms, JotForm, Wufoo, and Typeform all have free, easy to use and secure ways to create questionnaires and forms.

Adding a survey to Linkdaily

Follow these instructions to add your survey onto your Linkdaily:

  1. Log in to your Linkdaily Admin.

  2. Add a title to your link

  3. Publish your survey on whichever platform you created it with (eg: Typeform, Google Forms, etc.)

  4. Find your survey's URL.

    1. (Please Note: this is an example link and you will need to add your own survey link from whichever platform you used)

  5. Copy the survey link and paste it into the 'URL' field in your Admin page.

Where do survey responses go?

When a follower completes your survey or form, their answers will go directly into the platform you set the survey. For example, if you're using Google Forms, the only place the answers are stored is in Google Forms.

Linkdaily does not store or view any responses to surveys, forms, or questionnaires. As soon as your respondent clicks the survey link, they're outside of Linkdaily.

Collected answers are stored in the cloud of whichever platform you are using. If you cannot locate your survey responses, you will need to contact support on the platform you've created the survey with.