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How to display TikTok videos on your Linkdaily

Written by Abby
Updated over a week ago

Sharing your video content on TikTok is easier when you use our video links integration which allows you to display your TikTok videos directly on your Linkdaily.

To add your TikTok video to your Linkdaily, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Linkdaily Admin

  2. Click 'Add New Link' and give your Link a 'Title'

  3. Paste a TikTok video URL in the URL field.

  4. A new TikTok icon will appear below your video URL.

  5. Select the option 'Display this video on my Linkdaily' to display the video. If you want to link straight off to your TikTok, you can select 'Link off to TikTok website'.