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How to set up Email Signup links (MailChimp and Google Sheet)

Written by Cameron Mackinnon
Updated over a week ago

Email marketing is a great way for you to reach an engaged audience and deliver targeted campaigns to them. Linkdaily wants to encourage this form of engagement with your audience as much as possible so we have created an Email Signup link field for you to do just that!

You can add an Email Signup link field to your Linkdaily so your visitors can easily sign up to your mailing lists in just two clicks.

The Email Signup link field is displayed as a button that looks just like your other links, but when your visitors click it, instead of sending them off to another page, it turns into an email input field.

Tip: You can check how many visitors have signed up to your mailing list via your Email Signup link in the Analytics section of your Admin.

To add an Email Signup link field follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Linkdaily Admin

2. Go to your 'Mailing List Integrations' section found in the 'Settings' tab

3. Scroll down to 'Integrations'

4. You will see a heading called 'Email Signup'. Click the toggle button to enable the feature

5. The settings are split into two sections. 'Display' and 'Storage'.
Display: The text that you want your visitors to see
Storage: Where you're storing the signups. You can select to send your contacts directly to Mailchimp, or to a Google Sheet spreadsheet.

Display Settings

1. Set the 'Button Text' field. This is the text that is on the button for visitors to click. Make it catchy!

2. Set the 'Success Message' field. This is the message that visitors are shown after they successfully submit their email addresses.

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For all your Email Signups to flow straight into your Mailchimp account, you need to connect it via the Mailchimp API

1. Log in to MailChimp

2. Navigate to the API keys screen, by clicking on your username in the top right corner and select 'account'. Then click 'Extras' and select API Keys.

3. Now scroll down and press 'Create a Key'

4. Copy the newly generated Key, and paste it into the 'API' field in Linkdaily. That's all for this part!

5. Select the list you would like your new email signups to go into, from the drop-down list that appears.

Please Note:

Make sure you only have the 'Email' field selected in your Mail Chimp list. At the moment, Linkdaily can only capture email addresses

Google Sheets

For all your Email Signups to flow straight into a sheet in your Google Sheets account follow these steps:

  1. Select Google Sheet icon under the storage section

  2. Click the Authorize Google Sheet button

  3. Log in with your Google Account. Once this process is done, your google account will be authorized with Linkdaily

  4. Navigate to a Google Sheet that you would like your contacts to flow into

  5. Copy the URL of the Google Sheet

  6. Paste it into the Google Sheet URL field

Please Note:

You will need to ensure you are creating a Google Spreadsheet from the same Google Account you authorized in your Linkdaily.

Your contact will now flow into this Google Sheet. One column for the email address, and one column for the signup date.

You will now see the button enabled on your profile.

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