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What are Commerce Links?

Written by Cameron Mackinnon
Updated over a week ago

Commerce Links will allow you to take a payment from a visitor directly on your Linkdaily without opening a new web browser or tab. It can be used to process transactions, empowering you to monetize your content as a creator, and is directly integrated with a payment provider account.

Support Me Link

The Support Me Link allows Linkdaily users to collect payments and donations from their visitors. To learn how to add a Support Me Link to your Linkdaily, you can read the support article here.

This is the first in a suite of links to help creators like you collect monetary support for your passion. From tips and donations to commissions, get set up by connecting your payment pro account in Settings.

Request Links

Request Links allows your visitors to request goods and services from you right from your Linkdaily profile.

To learn how to add a Request Link to your Linkdaily, you can read the article here.

There will be more Commerce Link types released soon. We would love to hear more from you and how you'd like to use your Commerce Links.