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How to install and use the Linkdaily Chrome Extension

Written by Abby
Updated over a week ago

We have launched a Linkdaily Chrome Extension that will allow you to quickly add links to your Linkdaily profile while you browse the web. In just a few clicks, you can install the Linkdaily Chrome Extension and start linking!

Follow the steps below to install the Linkdaily Chrome Extension:

1. Head to our Google Chrome Web Store here and click 'Add to Chrome'.

2. Follow the prompts to add the extension.

3. And you're done! You're ready to start linking.

Please Note:

If you are unable to see the Linkdaily logo in your extension options, it may be hidden behind the puzzle icon. Click the puzzle icon to see all your extensions and pin the Linkdaily extension to your Chrome browser for easy access in the future.

How to use the Linkdaily Chrome Extension

1. While browsing, click on the Linkdaily logo from your extension toolbar at the top-right of your browser.

2. Select 'Add This to Linkdaily' to add your current page to your Linkdaily Admin.

3. A new tab will open and you will be brought to your Linkdaily Admin.

Please Note:

If you are not logged in to your account, you will be asked to log in before proceeding to your Admin.

4. Update the title of the link or leave the title as is and then click the toggle on to activate the link.

And that's it!