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Download your QR Code

Written by Dane
Updated over a week ago

Take your offline audience online with QR codes.

Download and add your unique code to anything - business cards, flyers, merch, blimps, tattoos, and anywhere your audience is.

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Where do I find and download my Linkdaily QR code?

  1. Log in to your Linkdaily Admin

  2. To the right of your Linkdaily URL, hit 'Share'

  3. Select 'My Linkdaily QR code'

  4. Hit 'Download QR Code', this will download your QR code as a .png file

  5. Start sharing!

How will my customers find me?

Once you put the QR code on your business card, in your shopfront, or on flyers, your visitors can use a QR code reader and take a photo and automatically be taken to your Linkdaily.