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Can I have multiple admins on Linkdaily?

Written by Cameron Mackinnon
Updated over a week ago

Initially, you have to sign each of them up separately, but for each account that you sign up to Linkdaily PRO, you can add other users to manage it. If you want to have more than one account on our pro subscription, you will need to sign up each account individually to a separate pro account and pay the additional fee.

Let's imagine a situation where you have two accounts:

  • @myinstagram

  • @myotherinsta

If you want to be able to manage both accounts from the @myotherinsta account, you need to sign @myinstagram up to Linkdaily PRO. Once that's done, go to the 'My Account' section of the Linkdaily Admin, and you'll see the area where you manage user access:

Click on '+ Add an admin' and then enter the Instagram handle of the account that you want to grant access to (in this example, @myotherinsta):

Then click 'Add'.

You'll see both users now have access to manage this tree:

Now, the @myotherinsta account will be able to manage both accounts.

When you log back in, you'll see that you can now easily switch between both accounts in the menu in the bottom left!