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How to create a Linkdaily account

Written by Abby
Updated over a week ago

We're a tool for connecting followers to your entire online world - not just one feed.

A Linkdaily not only points followers in the direction of your choosing - to your other social profiles, eCommerce store, or content you want to share - but it helps hold followers within your online ecosystem for longer. It allows users to share more, sell more, create more, and grow more.

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  1. Enter your email address (make sure you have access to it, this is how you will verify your account).

  2. Select your username (this will become your Linkdaily URL)

  3. Create a password

  4. Hit 'Register'

  5. Enter your First and Last name

  6. Select up to 3 categories that best describe you or your business.

  7. Select your plan.